Why didn't I receive the email that I scheduled?

Applies to: ChurchArt Pro Calendar Feature    

Your own email address is not automatically added to the list of subscribers.  Confirm that you have added your own email address to your recipients' list in order to receive any scheduled emails.

Also, emails such as office@, admin@ or staff@ are actually suppressed because they typically are not directed to a single person, but to a distribution of people (could be many, many people). That is not allowed by our email service provider. You can read some helpful info here: https://www.cakemail.com/knowledge-base/deliverability/what-role-account If that email is going to one person, then we would be able to put it on an exceptions list. If that email goes to multiple people, we would not be able to send emails to it. If your general email address only goes to one person or computer, then you could send thru an email to us with a message like "This email is only going to one person and you request to be added to an exceptions list."

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