Calendar: Uploading an image - ours or yours!

Applies to: ChurchArt Pro Calendar Feature    

ChurchArt Pro Calendar is the only church calendar on the market that lets you effortlessly add images from the largest library of church-specific graphics so you can highlight and feature special events in your calendar.

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Add your own images

Add images from our library

Remove an image from your calendar

From your home page dashboard, click on Edit Calendar.

Add your own image.

To add your own custom image to a calendar day, click on the small image icon on the desired day you wish to add an image. 

Select the click here or drag and drop to add an image dialog box. 

Now, you can browse for the images found your computer to upload, or you can drag an existing image from your computer into the square.  Click save and the image will be uploaded to your ChurchArt Pro calendar for that day.

Images that you upload will be stored in your own image gallery that will allow you to select them for a different day on your calendar. After clicking on the image icon on a date, you can see the "Show Uploaded Images" link that will enable you to see only the images that you uploaded.

The sort order will be set to default. This means if you add more than one image, the most recent image you add will be put at the bottom of the calendar event. If you would like the most recent image to be added to the top of the calendar event, place it on 1st. 

You may also choose to repeat your image by selecting the drop-down menu under repeats and selecting from the list of available options. 

Uploading your own image to a calendar day is a nice way for you to customize your calendar for your members with images specific to your church.

Add an image from our library. 

To add an image from our library of images to a calendar day, click the small image icon on the desired day. 

Use the search field to find an image you would like. Enter a topic or idea in the search field, click Search and you'll see images that match your search keyword. When you've chosen an image, click on the image and it will load into the image box. Click Save to upload the image to the event on your calendar. 

Remove an image.

To remove an image from your calendar, click on the image you would like to remove.

Click on " clear image" underneath the selected picture to remove it from your calendar. Click Save.

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