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About ChurchArt Online

How ChurchArt Online can help you create professional-looking church publications.

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Account Management

Manage your account, pay a bill, view an invoice, update your credit card and address

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Find art and more by keyword, topic or scripture or most recently added.

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Save images to use in your word-processing or other programs.

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Caption Editor

Use the Caption Editor tool to change captions to images so they match what you need.

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ChurchArt Online | Pro

Getting Started | Pro

Learn more about your ChurchArt Pro Membership

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Pro Caption Editor

Tips for using Pro Caption Editor Features

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Getting Started with Online Calendar

Managing your calendar look & feel, private events and more

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Integrate and Share your Calendar

Connecting your My Church Calendar to your church website, iCalendar and RSS feed

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Print and Export your Calendar

A few tricks and tips if you are wishing to print a copy of your online calendar

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Work with Online Calendar Event Details

Adding events and event details, setting up reoccurring events, and more.

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Work with Online Calendar Images

Adding images to your church calendar

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Work with Online Calendar Interest Groups

Creating and managing interest groups, viewing calendar by interest groups

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