Using the iCalendar Links

By using the iCal Link, your church members can download the church calendar directly to their personal electronic calendars, so they will never miss another church event again! 

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Setting the time zone on your iCalendar feed

Connecting from ChurchArt Pro Calendar

Follow the instructions below to subscribe to the iCal feed (feel free to share these instructions with your church members who would like to connect to the church calendar!)

1. From the 'view calendar page,' click on the blue megaphone icon in the upper right corner.

2. From the "Subscribe to this Calendar" page, you can 

  • choose to connect to the full calendar (All Events) or to one or more interest group calendars.
  • Copy the "Calendar Address" in the field box to paste into your calendar application, such as Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar or Apple Calendar. This is the URL you need to subscribe to the ChurchArt Pro calendar.
  • NOTE: The URL in the image below is ONLY for our sample calendar.  Please copy the URL from your own ChurchArt Pro account.
  • NOTE: Since this version of the iCalendar feed is publicly available, your private events will not be included in the feed. 
  • NOTE: iCalendar (*.ics file extension) is a file format used to distribute calendar information to different applications over the internet. The  calendar distributes the calendar events in iCal format. The feed URLs and instructions for using them in calendar programs such as Apple iCal, Microsoft Outlook, and Google Calendar are below.

NOTE: The iCalender feed will include 15 days of past events and then future events. 

Microsoft Outlook 2016 Instructions

To subscribe to an iCalendar feed using Outlook:

      1. From File menu click the Account Settings button

      2. Click on the Internet Calendars tab and then click the New... button

      3. Type or paste the calendar URL into the text box:

      4. In the Subscription Options dialog box, you can optionally rename the calendar (recommended since it will be set to "public").  Make sure the box is checked in the Update Limit section.

Google Calendar Instructions

To subscribe to an iCalendar feed using Google Calendar:

1. In the left column, under the Other Calendars section, expand the drop down menu and click on the Add by URL option

2. Enter the feed URL in the dialog box then click Add Calendar.

NOTE:  Google has acknowledged that it can take up to 24 hours, and in rare cases even longer  for iCAL feeds to update on certain devices

Apple iPad Calendar App

To subscribe to an iCalendar feed from your iPad Calendar:

1. Open Settings then click on Calendars 
2. Under Accounts, click the Add Account... Button 
3. In the list of account type, click on the Other option at the bottom of the list. 
4. Under the Calendar section, click Add Subscribed Calendar 
5. Enter the feed URL in the dialog box then click Next 
6. Optionally enter a different Description and then click Done.

Setting the time zone on your iCalendar feed

1. Before subscribing to iCalendar, make sure the time zone is set correctly in Calendar Options section of your account. Click <<HERE>> [add link to Setting up your calendar doc] for instructions on how to update this setting. 

2. If you have already subscribed to iCal before the time zone was updated, the iCal user needs to refresh iCal on their device, or unsubscribe and re-subscribe in order for the time zone to be correct.

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