Getting Started Finding and Using Content

NOTE: This is a ChurchArt Pro feature only.

Content includes editorial shorts and filler stories you can use as-is or adapt as needed, plus Words of Welcome for worship bulletins, Bible Quizzes, and more. You'll find it under the Content link in the header.

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Find Content by Month (time of year)

You can look for content by month and year. You'll find buttons for the current month and the previous month at the top of the page. If you wish to go back a month, click the previous month's button. OR, you can click the downward arrow on a month to scroll to another month or year of your choice. If you need something for Fall - you can look at the most current fall month or look at past fall months. Click on each date and you'll see a page with all the content for that month. 

Use the drop-down feature and scroll to the month and year you need.

Find Content by Keyword Search

If you have a specific topic you are looking for, you can use the keyword search bar. Only content with that word in it will show. 

Copying content from the website without having to retype the stories yourself. 

Here's how to get the Content articles from the website without retyping the stories:

  1. Find the content piece you want.
  2. With your cursor highlight the desired text. You can do all the stories on the page or just one of the stories.
  3. While the text is highlighted, hold down the Ctrl key and press the C key. That will copy the text. (Ctrl + C is the standard shortcut for copying for most programs.)
  4. Open a new or existing document using your favorite program such as MS Word. It can even be a plain .TXT file.
  5. Put your cursor somewhere on the page and paste the copied text using the Ctrl and V keys. (Ctrl + V is the standard shortcut for pasting for most programs.)
  6. Repeat for other pages or stories.
  7. If the content has a piece of clipart and you want to use it in a printed publication do not copy and paste the image as that will be a very low-resolution image. You'll want to click on the filename link below the content. The file will either download to your computer or it will open on screen. If it opens on the screen, you can then right-mouse click and choose "Copy Image" or "Save Image As". 

NOTE: If you copied a clip-art image along with the text it illustrates, keep in mind that you copied the GIF version. GIFs are used for display purposes on Web sites and do not print well. If you want the clip-art for printing, you'll want to download it separately using the art file name links just below the story. Those are usually TIFF (.tif) files.   

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