Caption Editing Full Page Documents

This shows ChurchArt Pro-only features.

With the Caption Editor, you can create one-page, 8.5" x 11" flyers, brochures and more using canvas sizes we've pre-selected for you.  You can start with an existing flyer as well as almost any image in the library to build a full-page document.  

To get started, find an image or template and click the  Edit Caption link under it. (If you do not see "Edit Caption", the image or template is not yet compatible with the Editor).  
When the Caption Editor opens, click Canvas on the left and then choose one of the Document sizes listed. You'll see the white canvas change size on the screen. The white space is now 8.5"x11" - anything inside the white space will be part of your one-page document.  

You can also choose 5.5" x 8.5" if you want to build a bulletin cover.

Now you can resize the image to fit the page or move the image up or down within the white space.  
You can also edit the caption by clicking the Caption button on the left-hand menu to edit or add any text you want.  
Example animation coming soon
You have the use of undo and redo buttons in the menu at the bottom of the Editor.

Once you have what you want, download the document as a PNG, GIF, JPG or PDF to share with others or print and hang up.  
If you are not quite done, you can click the Save for Later button in the upper right corner. Here is a help document about the Save for Later feature.  
Here are a few examples of what you could create:  
Open Frame Clipart

Original (filename: pumpkins_25316c )

Updated to make a flyer. 

Any Piece of Clipart

Original image (filename: plate_24868c)

Updated to make a flyer. 

Bulletin Cover (5.5" x 8.5")

Original image (filename: mtns_24899c)

Added church name, address, website and service times at the bottom. 

Pro Only - Flyer - Template

Original file (filename: worship_fl_25484)

Updated to personalize and add more information. You can do this online instead of downloading the Word or Publisher template files. 

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