Additional Calendar Options

Applies to: ChurchArt Pro Calendar Feature   

To update Calendar Details like showing end times, your time zone, grayed out past events and other settings, you'll go to Calendar Options. From the home page dashboard, click on the calendar options button. 

1. Set your time zone.

2. Select if you would like past events grayed out. 

3. Show event end times will display as follows when you preview the calendar:

If you select YES, your event will look like this (end times are shown):

If you select NO, your event will look like this (end times are NOT shown):

4. Show Building/Rooms on Calendar View will show the building/room attached to the calendar event in parenthesis.

5. Lastly, select if you would like to show Facebook and Twitter share buttons on Event Details page. This will allow your members to share events on their own Facebook and Twitter feeds and will link back to your public calendar.

6. Click "Save changes" in the top right upper corner of the page. 

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