Coordinating Rooms and Equipment

Applies to: ChurchArt Pro Calendar Feature

In most busy churches, rooms and equipment are used often by many different people and groups within the church.

The Online Calendar takes the stress out of sharing resources among many people! You can schedule and reserve rooms, equipment or transportation for any event to help prevent double-booking of resources simply by adding a few pieces of information to a calendar event.

To create a list of resources, click on Rooms & Equipment from the homepage dashboard.

Create Your Resources

Click add resource and from there, you can create a resource name. 

If you would like to change the type of the resources, select from the drop-down menu under type

Once you have created a list of resources, you may then choose to edit or delete a resource by simply clicking edit. When finished, click Save

Anytime you edit the name of a Room, it will change throughout your calendar immediately. 

Add A Resource to Your Event

Once you have a list curated, you will be able to add a resource to your event. When you add/edit an event, click on Church Rooms & Equipment at the top of the page.

Select from your list of resources you would like to attach to the event and click save & close at the top right-hand corner of the page. 

When you Save an event, if there is a Room or Equipment conflict (the same room or equipment used at the same time), you will see a conflict alert. Please read this carefully before continuing to avoid conflicts of Rooms & Resources. 

View Your Calendar By Resource

If you would like to view your calendar by the resource that you have attached to an event, click on the bus icon when you edit or preview your calendar. This will bring a drop-down menu with a list of all the resources you have created. Once you select a resource, your calendar will only show events that involve that resource.

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