Downloading the RSS Feed (no longer available)

The RSS feature is no longer available. Another option you may want to consider is the iCalendar links.

Applies to: ChurchArt Pro Calendar Feature

Your members can use the power of RSS to keep up to date with a list of upcoming events when they subscribe (no fee) to the RSS feed using Outlook, a Web browser, or a favorite feed reader, such as Google Reader.

It works like other RSS feeds. 

(Note: You may want to share the information below with your church members. Simply copy and paste it into an e-mail.)

We recommend using Chrome or Edge with an RSS Feed Extension added. 

  1. Open your calendar (in Preview Mode).
  2. Click the RSS icon in the upper right corner of the calendar.
  3. A small pop-up window opens showing the number of days to display in the feed. The default is 7 days. Change the number if you prefer a different number of days.
  4. Click the “Get Feed” link.
  5. The RSS feed opens in another browser tab (or window), and displays a list of events for the number of days you specified.
  6. At the top of the screen is an option to subscribe to the calendar RSS feed. A drop-down menu lists the viewing applications available to you. (For example, Microsoft Outlook, Google, My Yahoo, etc. Application availability may vary.) Select an application.
  7. Click the “Subscribe Now” button.NOTE: If you do not have an RSS Feed Extension added to your browser, you can copy the URL of the RSS feed page and manually add the RSS feed to your application.
  8. You can now view the calendar RSS feed using the application you selected. (NOTE: Some applications may require additional steps. Follow that program’s on-screen instructions.)

To subscribe using more than one program, simply repeat the steps and choose a different application in Step 6.

For more information about RSS, follow the link below:



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