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ChurchArt Online allow you to share your calendar in a variety of ways from RSS feeds to adding it as a link to your church's website, but many find it useful to simply print the calendar--whether you post it on a bulletin board, distribute it in meetings, or keep it as a diary for notes, this article will help you navigate printing your calendar.

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Print from the ChurchArt Pro website

Print from the ChurchArt Pro website

Currently, the calendar can only be printed to fit a standard letter-size page. If you need to print a different size, please follow the instructions below and reduce or enlarge on a copy machine or scanner.

1. From the "Preview Calendar", click the Print View link. 

To print from the new browser window:

1. Select "FILE" or right click with your mouse on the page. Select "PRINT"
2. If able in browser, set your margins to .5 on all four sides.
3. Make sure the Header and Footer fields are blank.
4. Select "Fit to page" or a % of page size so all of the calendar fits on one page.
4. Verify that the layout setting says "Landscape."
5. Verify the correct printer is selected and select the number of pages and copies you want to print.
7. Click "PRINT."

Print Private Events

If you are logged in to view private events, when you click the "Print View" button all of your private events will display and print on your calendar.

To ensure private events don't print on your calendar, click the green padlock icon in the upper right part of the screen, and then click 'hide private events.'  (It may say "Hide..." that includes the name you gave your private calendar. For example, our calendar says "Hide Office Calendar") 

Print different calendar views

You can print just an interest group's calendar events rather than printing all events.

  1. Open View Calendar
  2. Go to Interest Group drop down menu
  3. Choose the calendar you would like to print
  4. Click on Print View link
  5. Follow instructions for printing above

Print a day, week, or month view of the calendar

You can view and print your calendar events in various time increments other than one month, one week and one day by using the "Event Viewer Plugin."

Here's how:

1. From the home page of the calendar, click on the 'Website Plugin' link.

2. Set how many days out you wish to view (to view 6 weeks, set it to 42 days, for example). Also select which interest group you want to display or set it to all interest groups.

3. Click the "Save and Preview button" and then the "go to step 2" button.

4. Select all the code that comes after src=" until the closing quote mark and copy it (Ctrl+C).

Here's an example of what the code that you're copying should look like: (this is our SAMPLE calendar)

5. Paste (Ctrl+V) the text you just copied into your internet browser's address bar and click enter.

6. Go to File >> Print and print the list!


The calendar always prints on 2 pages. 

If your calendar has a lot of information it may take more than one page to print it all.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Create an interest group for printing the calendar (you may call it "Print Events" or something like that). Attach every event you want to appear on the printed calendar. You still won't be able to print every event, but you can filter out the ones that don't really need to be printed and can get your calendar to fit on one page.

2. Download the calendar to Word. Click  here for help with this process.  From Word, you can then edit your calendar. 

3. Another suggestion is to choose the PORTRAIT Printable Version. Then make sure your printer's page set up is for 8-1/2" x 14" legal size paper

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