Create, Edit or Delete Recurring Events

Applies to: ChurchArt Pro Calendar Feature       

Learn how ChurchArt Pro Calendar allows you to flag any event or activity as a recurring event, so it does future scheduling for you. You can have events appear on the designated days for a year or even two years in the future.

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Create Recurring Events

Recurring events on custom dates

Delete future events in a series

Create a recurring calendar event

1. From Edit Calendar, click the Add Event Icon. 

2. Fill in the event information.   

3. To make an event recurring, check the box for repeating and choose your selection from the drop-down menu.  

4. Choose how often the event will occur (Daily, Weekly, Every weekend, Monthly, etc).  Once you choose the frequency of the event, you can set up the other parameters: including which days, the start date, and when the event will stop recurring. 

5. Click Save when you have entered all the information for the event, and the calendar will automatically populate with the recurring event. 

Recurring events on custom dates

1. On the first day that the event will begin, add the event.

2. Complete all the event information.  

3. To make an event recurring, click on the drop-down menu under Repeating. Choose Custom Recurrence Dates. 

4.  Mark all of the dates in a row when the event will occur.  These can be completely random or follow a pattern.

5. If you want different information in the details of each day, you will need to edit the event and change the details for each day.

Delete future events in a series

To delete future events in a recurring series:

1.  Go to the Edit Calendar page.

2. Open the recurring event that you need to change.

3. Under Repeating, Look for the End By setting. 

4. Choose End By and a date for ending.

6. Click Save & Close.

7. On the pop-up screen, choose All future events in this series.

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