Add a Feedback Form to an Event

Applies to: ChurchArt Pro Calendar Feature    

Feedback forms are an excellent way to add an online registration option for an event to your website. You can use them to collect all the needed information from the calendar event! Simply set up the form, include the e-mail address that should receive the results of the registration form, and attach the form to an event.

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Create a Feedback form

Add a Form to an Event

Create a Feedback Form

From the homepage dashboard, click on Event Feedback Forms.

1. Click on New Feedback Form to add a form. 

2. Fill in the information that is requested—form name, email to and button text (button text is what you want the submit button to say). When saving the form, if you create multiple forms for the same event, make sure they all have a UNIQUE form name.

3. In the Fields section, add a question that you'd like to have answered and click save changes. Note: you can modify the WIDTH and ROW fields to make the text area larger where people would include their answers.

4. Continue to add as many questions as you need on your form by clicking add field. If you add multiple forms, you will be able to move them up and down to display them in the order you want. You can also edit each field. 

5.  In the Confirmation Text section, add the message that you'd like to appear on the thank you page after someone submits the form.

When you click on an event in preview calendar, the confirmation text will display like this:

6. You can always delete a form by clicking Delete at the bottom right of the page. 

Add a Form to an Event

You're now ready to insert your form into an event. Go to edit calendar and click on or create an event you where you would like to add a feedback form.

On the top of the add/edit event page, click on the tab called Feedback Form. From there you will see a dropdown menu of forms you have just created. Select from the list in the dropdown menu and hit Save & Close. 

Now whenever someone views the event detail for that event in the preview mode, the form will appear. The answers submitted will go to the email that was added to each individual form. 

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