Create and use Interest Groups

Applies to: ChurchArt Pro Calendar Feature

    Interest Groups are additional calendars you can create for specific groups within your church. Such groups could be Elders, Youth Group, Women's Prayer Group, Kids Kingdom, Choir, Worship Team, or more. You can add as many Interest Groups as you like. Interest Groups are used to allow users of the calendar to search or see events applicable to their Interest Groups.  

    Interest Groups can be added or edited by clicking on 'Interest Groups" link on the home page--or from the ADD/EDIT INTEREST GROUPS Box on the home page after you've logged in. Anyone with administrator access that can log into your My Church Events account can create or update Interest Group calendars. Creating specific passwords for Interest Group calendars is not currently available.

    Once you have set up an interest group or groups, you can then attach an Interest Group to an event within the 'Add or Edit an Event' screen.

This is a helpful video tutorial from our sister publication, My Church Events. The calendar functions demonstrated in this video are the same functions and work identically as the calendar.

Interest Groups from Communication Resources, Inc. on Vimeo.