We're excited to announce the new Caption Editor is now available for members to preview. Read on to discover what's new and where to find previous caption options.

Overview of what's new:

  • New-full screen view, which allows for a larger canvas size
  • Multi-Select option to select and move multiple text boxes at one time
  • Ability to have multiple lines of text within one caption/text box
  • The ability to undo or redo an action 
  • Quick Canvas options to easily crop images into proper sizes for bulletin covers, full-page documents, and social media (PRO members only)
  • Multi-Line Text Adjustment features (PRO members only)
  • Ability to add a shadow to text (PRO members only)
  • Ability to download images as a PDF (PRO members only)
  • Ability to save caption-edited images for later (PRO members only)

Editing a caption with the new Caption Editor in Preview

When editing an image, you will now be given two options: 
1) Edit the Caption of your image
2) Edit the Canvas of your image.

Editing your Caption

To edit the caption on the image, click the Caption button on the left-hand menu.

Once you are in caption mode, click on an existing text box or click anywhere on the image to create a new text box.
To move a text box, click on the center of the text box and drag the box to the location of your choice. Drag on a corner of the text box to make it larger or smaller. To rotate the text box, click on the tall line and square at the top of the text box, and then rotate left or right to your liking.

If you'd like to move, change the font, font color or add a text treatment to multiple text boxes, click and hold while dragging your mouse to highlight the text boxes of your choice. When all the desired text boxes are selected, make the edits of your choice.

To change the font size, color or add a style to your text box, you can do so once a text box is highlighted at the top of the canvas screen.  

To undo or redo an action, select the semi-circle buttons with arrows on the lower left-hand side of the canvas screen. Here you will also find the ability to Preserve Original Captions.

To zoom in or out, click on the zoom buttons on the lower right-hand side of the canvas screen (see above image).

To save an image, select PNG, GIF, JPEG or PDF (Pro member feature only) found in the top right section of the menu screen. The completed image will begin downloading to your computer.

To adjust your multi-line text box, select your multiple-lines text box, and then select to left justify, center justify or right justify using the style options at the top of the canvas screen. You can also adjust the line spacing from this menu. Keep in mind, that this is a Pro-only feature.

Editing your Canvas

To edit your canvas size (the size of the image), click on the canvas button on the left-hand menu.

Once you are in canvas mode, you can then adjust the width and height of your image. 

Choose a Canvas Size - Pro Only Feature

You can select from the pre-selected image or from the document size options to set your canvas size.
From there, you can pick up and move the image to orient the image and text in the space.


Once you have the image as you want, download or go back to the caption mode to move, edit or add captions.

To Exit the Caption Editor

If you are done in the Caption Editor, you can click "< Exit" in the upper left corner. 

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