ChurchArt Pro Caption Editor Features

The article includes all the Pro-only Caption Editor features. To see all Basic features, review Using the Online Caption Editor.

Pro-only Features

Add and Edit Multi-Line Text

Within each text box, you can include multiple lines of text. As you type, hit the "enter" key to create a new line. 
Once you've entered your text, you can change the font type, color and add bold or italics formatting for all the text within the selected box. 
You can also make the text left-, middle- or right-justified, and change the spacing between the lines. See the options above the image while your cursor is inside a text box. 

As always, you can specify a font size in the number window or from its drop-down list. Another way to change the font size within the text box is to use the touch points on the top and bottom corners of the box. Simply choose, click and drag a corner point. Also, you can stretch the text to make words wider or shorter by dragging the center points — sides, top or bottom. 

Download a PDF version

When you are done creating the image or document that you need, you can download a PDF version to print or share with others. 
Click PDF in the upper right corner and the PDF will then download to your computer. Typically, it will go to your Downloads folder unless you've chosen another location. 

Save Your Work for Later

If you are in the middle of editing and get interrupted or run out of time, click Save For Later in the upper right-hand corner at any time. Your edits will be saved under My Images

To go back to the image and continue editing, go to My Images, click the Resume Editing link to pick up where you left off. 

NOTE: When you see your edited image under My Images, the original image is displayed, not your edited version. When you click Edit Caption you'll see your previous edits again. 

Change Canvas to Predefined Sizes

We've made it easy to create images for specific needs such as Bulletin Covers, Social Media images, 8.5"x11" documents and PowerPoint sizes. 
When you click the large  Canvas button (on the left) you'll see these predefined sizes. When you click on format size, the Canvas immediately changes to the right shape. You can then drag or resize your image to fit the space. 
At any time click Original Size which is the top canvas size option and it will revert back to the original image size. 

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