Using the Online Caption Editor

Now you can make sure every caption is the “right” caption. Choose from thousands of editable church-related clip-art images and photos. Add and save your own caption or save the image without any caption at all.

Editing your images

You can change the caption on every image that has the Edit Caption link below it. Simply click it to open the Caption Editor Tool. 

Then quickly and easily add your own caption, edit the font choice or color, or remove the caption completely!

If you'd like to crop an image, drag the corners until you get the look you want.

Once you have it just the way you want it, download your new custom image to your computer. When downloading an image, you'll always have more than one file format to choose from. Art images are provided in print and web-ready formats.

Left-click on the file type (GIF, TIFF or JPEG) you want to download to your computer. You will then get your browser's dialog regarding a saved image.

Why aren't all images caption editable?

Unfortunately, some images are not editable because of the design elements. These are often hand-drawn images of Scripture that are incorporated into the original image (not just font over an image).  

See an image you'd like to caption edit?  Drop us a line and we'll see what we can do. 

Why don't the fonts match the original image?

Some fonts that artists use are custom fonts that are not available in the online caption editor. We do our best to match as close to the original option as possible, but sometimes the exact font is custom-built for an image.  

Happy editing!

Watch this video tutorial to learn more about caption editing! Remember, that the caption editor tool is available to ChurchArt Basic subscribers as well as ChurchArt Pro subscribers.

The caption editor is FREE with your membership (including ChurchArt Basic) and the library of caption-editable images is constantly growing!  

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