Using the Online Caption Editor

This includes all the features that are included with the caption editor tool for ChurchArt Online Basic. Click here to see Pro-only features.  

Now you can make sure every caption is the “right” caption. Choose from thousands of editable church-related clipart, bulletin covers, photos, and more! Edit and save your own caption or remove the caption and download an image. 

Which Images are Editable

You can change the caption on every image in the library that has the Edit Caption link below the image. Simply click it to open the Caption Editor Tool. 

If at any time you want to exit the caption editor, click the Exit link in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

Using the Caption Editor Design Tool 

Update Text

You can edit the caption by clicking on the existing text and changing it. Or you can add a new text box by clicking anywhere on the image and begin typing.

If you want to delete a caption, click on a text box and click the trash can icon (upper right) or you can click and drag to highlight all the text boxes and then click the trash can icon. 

If you want to move several caption boxes, you can click and drag your mouse to highlight all the boxes and then click on them to move them around - all at the same time. 

Click on the touch points on the corners or sides of any text box and drag them in or out with your cursor. This will make the font bigger smaller, shorter, or taller. You can also choose a specific font size, bold and italics above the image. To rotate the text box, click on the tall line and square at the top of the text box, and then rotate left or right to your liking.

Change Font Style & Color

Click on a text box and then above the image click the Bold ( B), Italics (I) or the Color Palette icon to set the font style & color in several ways. 

When you click on the Color Palette, you will see a pop-up for several Color options. 

  1. Choose a preset color.
  2. Click the color palette icon again and enter RGB (Red, Green, Blue) numbers or a Hex #. You can adjust the RGB numbers up and down one at a time.  
  3. Click the wand and remove the color completely. 

Crop Image or Adjust the Canvas Size

To crop an image, click on Canvas on the left-side menu. Now you can drag the corners of the image to the size you want and move the image around inside the resized canvas box. 

You can also change the size of the canvas so you can add more text around an image by clicking the plus or minus signs in the bottom right of the caption editor window. If you zoom out, you can drag the box around the image and make it bigger. 

Anything inside the white box will be included in your download. 

Undo or Redo Actions

At any time as you work, you can click undo or redo if you don't like what you've done. 

Copy or Download Your New Image

Once you have the image just the way you want it, download and save the new custom image to your computer or copy it to your clipboard.  

And you can Save or Copy for Print (high resolution) or for Web (low resolution). 

Two ways to save or copy:

  1. Click on an icon in the upper right of the screen. Here you can choose between JPG or PNG. 
  2. Right-mouse on the image in the center of the screen. We will choose the right format for the image - either JPG or PNG. 


Keep Original Captions

If you love the original caption as is, but want to add text, you can click the "Persevere Original Captions" box in the lower left of the caption editor and then add the text you want. This will keep the fonts that the artist used. Our artists are able to use many more fonts than are available in the caption editor. So, this feature is ideal when you are just adding text rather than editing the words that you see on the image. 

Why aren't all images caption editable?

Unfortunately, some images are not editable because of the design elements. These are often hand-drawn images of Scripture that are incorporated into the original image (i.e. not just font over an image).  

If you see an image you'd like to caption edit but can't, drop us a line at and we'll see what we can do. 

Why don't the fonts match the original image?

Some fonts our artists use are custom fonts that are not available in the online caption editor. We do our best to match as close to the original option as possible, but sometimes the exact font is custom-built for an image.  

Happy editing!

The caption editor is FREE with your membership and the library of caption-editable images is constantly growing!  


Problem: "Copy Image" is not working in Firefox
Enable Copy Image in Firefox to be able to use the  Copy Image for print or web option in the Caption Editor
As of Firefox version 87, the Copy Image feature will need to be enabled in the browser preferences. Follow these steps to update your browser preferences in Firefox. 
Step 1 - In the Firefox browser, type the address about:config in the URL box

Step 2 - In the Search preferences name field, search for - it should say "false"

Step 3 - Press the toggle button to the right to set the value to true.

Step 4 - Close the config tab and try to copy the image again.

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