Send a Test Email from Send News

If you're new to using the Send News feature, start by checking out this helpful guide:

Getting Started with Send News

Once you are familiar with Send News and you are ready to send a test email, follow these steps.

1. Create a Test Group

  • Under your Contacts, Add a Group.
  • Edit each person who will receive test messages and tag them with the new test group.

2. Send the Test Email

  • Under Send a Quick message, draft your email message.

Consider adding "Test" or a similar word at the beginning of the email subject. This helps you differentiate between test messages and real ones. Before you send the live message, you can remove the word “Test”.

  • Under Select Contacts & Publish, choose the test group you created as the recipient.
  • Schedule and send the test message for immediate delivery.

3. Evaluate and Send

  • If you're satisfied with the test email, look under the Sent tab and click the make a copy icon on the right.
  • In the pop-up modal, change the subject of the email if you wish.
  • Find the copied message under the Drafts tab.
  • Schedule and send the message as you normally would to your contacts.

4. Making Changes

  • If you're not happy with the test email, under the Sent tab, make a copy of it.
  • Edit the message as needed and either send another test to your test group or schedule and send it to your contacts.

You’re done! By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your messages are tested and perfected before reaching your intended audience.

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