Setting My Search Preferences

With ChurchArt Online, you can search for all types of art by keywords, topics and image types. After logging in, on the subscriber home page, you'll see a IMAGE SEARCH area on the left side of the screen.

You can search for art and images based on keywords, topics and image type. Underneath the Keywords box, there is a list of different image types. These different selections will allow you to choose which type of image or graphic you want. If you have no preference, you can leave all of the options selected, as the shown default. If you have a specific media type you are needing, such as cartoons, you can click Clear All next to image type, and simply select the box next to Cartoons. 

Next, type in a keyword, search by topic, or select a Scripture that relates to what you are needing.For example, If you wish to search only Cartoon images, enter your keyword, confirm only 'Cartoons' are selected and click the Go button. The results should be only cartoons that match the keyword you've entered.

You can also customize and save your search preferences for clicking Change Search Preferences link below the Image Search area

Here you can choose one, several or all file types by checking or un-checking a box to match your preferences. You can also choose to search by either Black & White images, Color images or BOTH.

But be sure to click SAVE after you've made your choices--and you can change preferences any time, but don't forget to save after each change!

Here's a helpful video tutorial to learn more about getting the right search results to find the image you want:

Getting Better Search Results from Communication Resources, Inc. on Vimeo.

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