Downloading images

As a subscriber to ChurchArt Online, you have our entire library of images at hand ready to search and download to your computer for use in your church's publications!

Download An Image

Downloading an image is simple. First, search for an image using our image search tool by entering a keyword, an image file name OR click the topics list and click GO.

From your search results, click one of the image file type links below the image to download it. Many images have different available file types such as JPG, WMF, PNG, TIF.  Click on TIF to download the TIFF version of an image, WMF to download the WMF version, PNG to download the PNG version or JPG to download the JPEG version.

Choose the location on your computer where you want to save the image — being sure to remember the location and the file's name — and then click Save.  

If you are NOT prompted to choose a download location, it's because most web browsers automatically save files to your Downloads folder on your computer. Because each browser is a bit different, search your browser's Help menu for instructions on changing your default download location. 

If you're using the Edit Caption feature, click on the desired file type beneath the image after you've finished editing. It will download the same way other images do.

Download An Image Using a Mac Computer

You don't need any special software to download images using a Mac computer. Simply follow the same instructions above by clicking on the file name below an image and saving the file to your computer.

IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind that WMF files will NOT work on Macs.

Downloading Images in Edge or Chrome: Multiple Image Warning

If you receive a message when using Edge or Chrome as your browser asking you to allow or block multiple images being downloaded from our site, click on Allow.  This message will appear if one or more images are being downloaded in the background when you click on another image to download.

If you've accidentally marked Always Block, when you click on download images, it will appear as if nothing is happening. However, at the end of the web address bar, you should be seeing a red 'X" or something that you can click on and follow the instructions on your browser. You will want to click on "continue allowing automatic downloads of multiple files."

If for some reason you are not getting the icon to click, you can copy this into your address bar and hit "enter" to load your download options. should be listed under the web addresses to block. You will want to delete our website from the list and that will resolve it for you.  You may also have to remove this from downloading from our main site and also when downloading an image from within our Caption Editor.

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