Getting Started with Sharing and Integrating Your Calendar

ChurchArt Pro Calendar offers several ways to share and integrate your church calendar so members can always be updated with the church events. We have included the list of sharing options below, with a brief overview so you can find the right choice for your church and members. 

Sharing Your Full Calendar

To share your full calendar with your members via email, social media or a link on your website, start with our basic guide to sharing your calendar.

Share a Single Event

You may want to share a single event with your contacts. If so, review this guide for sharing a single event.

Share an Interest Group

Share a link to a specific interest group to make it easy for members to see only what they need. Learn how to share an interest group calendar.

Adding a Featured Events List to Your Website

A special plug-in lets you create a list of events to display on your website so members can see upcoming or featured events. Learn more about the event plug-in.

Calendar Integration Options for Your Church Members

Your members can add your church calendars to their own calendar programs using the iCal feed. iCal works with most calendar programs, including Google Calendar, Outlook, and the Apple Calendar apps. Learn more about using the iCal Calendar feed.

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