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Are you searching for the perfect clip-art, photo, graphic, content or filler to complete your church publication? 

The ChurchArt library is sure to have the perfect solution. This article will guide you on using the search engines within the ChurchArt Online library to find that perfect image. New art is added every Monday, so you'll always have new art to use.

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Using our search menu for art and images

After you've logged in, the subscriber dashboard is where you'll find our search menu. Here you can search for images, clip-art, photos, PowerPoint slides, cartoons and more. 

 3 ways to search:

(1.) By keyword: Enter a keyword (e.g. Advent, Christmas, Easter, Vacation Bible School, Choir, Joy, Friendship) to find results related to certain words or phrases. Click Go to view your results.

(2.) By Topic: You can also browse art by topics, such as Advent, Music, PowerPoint Slides, Borders and more. View the topics, and then click on the topic you wish to see.  

(3.) By Scripture: Enter a specific Scripture passage to find related images. Click Go to view your results. 

Search images and art by categories

You can an image Category to search for by selecting one or several of the category type(s) below the Keyword search field.  

Enter the keyword or Scripture to search, and then check the box(es) for the Category of image(s) you want to see. For example, to receive only photos in your search, click the checkbox next to Photos, enter your keyword and then click the Go button. Or if you want to see all photos, use an asterisk * in the search field.

Or, to exclude a category from your search, uncheck that type, and then click Go.  

Tips for using Keyword Search

Here are a few ways to make your keyword search more successful:

  • Use the singular form of your search word. Plural forms will find artwork, but you’ll usually find more with the singular form.
  • To find the most selections, use the root form of the word. For example, when searching for “singers,” try searching for just the word "sing" instead. When you use the root form, the search engine automatically looks for all word endings (-ed, -es, -er, -s, -ing, etc.)  
  • Use two or more words to narrow your search (such as purple candle). Only those pictures that match both words are found. When you use multiple words, the search engine assumes an “and” between the words.

Tips for using Scripture Search

In addition to the Keyword Search, we've added a Scripture Search option that allows you to find images from a specific book of the Bible. You can narrow your search to find images from a specific chapter within a book, or narrow it even more to find a specific chapter and verse.

In most cases, Scripture quotes are taken from KJV (King James Version), NKJV (New Kings James Version), ESV (English Standard Version) or NIV (1986) version of the Bible. If no Scripture reference is given, it is the same phrase used in all translations or a paraphrase of a Scripture saying.

What to do when you aren't finding images.

It's possible that we have no art that matches your keyword. But more likely, it's because your Preferences have been changed. Preferences let you choose what is displayed in your search results. 

Simply click on the Change Search Preferences link in the left column of the home page to update your preferences so you'll see all the possible matches for your search.

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